At times, you may have enough capital and the right facility to launch your business. However, coming up with a business idea may be an up on a hill. You are not alone. Idea generation is not a universal talent. Many people face the same challenge you are in at the moment.

As you know, ideas are the seed that grows to become business kingdoms. So, without an idea, your entrepreneur desires will remain as wishes in your heart. Nevertheless, the process of finding ideas you can implement in establishing a business empire is no longer a big deal. Here are top 3 places to get business ideas for your next venture:

You current frustrations

Did you know that Virgin Airline was an idea from frustration?  Richard Branson, the Virgin airline, suffered disappointments when booking an airplane for a holiday affair. This frustration inspired him to launch an airline offering personalized services which gave birth to Virgin Airlines in 1984.  As such, your frustrations can be an inspiration to establish a profitable business venture.

So think of the most frustrating moments you endure each day. Think of your peers suffering from the same. What can you do to make the situation better? By asking yourself these questions, you can end up with a winning business opportunity.

Analyzing social media comments

In this era, people take their grievances and dissatisfaction on the social media. While some of these grievances might be annoying and dirty, they might possess a potential business opportunity. As an online user, you can decide to either follow your peers’ complaining mechanism or use the complaints as a foundation for your business idea.

Importantly, with close attention to the social media conversations, you can find people expressing their wishes for an alternative and even suggesting kind of features or services they would like it to possess. As a wise person, you can use these comments to create a profitable business opportunity by offering the complaining crowd a solution.

Search engine frustrations

Have you ever embarked on searching for a commodity or a service from the search engines without any success? Well. There is a probability that other people are also looking for the same thing. Instead of following others in the complaining window or giving up, you can decide to start providing the product or service. For instance, you can launch an online store where the complaining crowd can find the product.

And those are some of the top places where you can find profitable and viable business ideas.