3 Places to Find New Business Ideas as a New Entrepreneur

At times, you may have enough capital and the right facility to launch your business. However, coming up with a business idea may be an up on a hill. You are not alone. Idea generation is not a universal talent. Many people face the same challenge you are in at the moment. As you know, [...]

Steps of Testing Your Business Ideas Viability

Congratulations on coming up with a great business idea. You are on your way to joining business tycoons such as Richard Branson the man behind Virgin Group and Mark Zuckerberg the Facebook founder.  The two men started with an idea and were once in your current position. However, before setting off on your entrepreneurial journey, [...]

Here Are the 3 Elements of a Perfect Business Idea

One of the challenges facing modern entrepreneurs is lack of creativity and innovation. Instead of coming up with new business ideas, they just copy and paste the current ones. The worst part is that the new entrants do not tweak or change any aspect of the modern business. As such, they use the same marketing [...]